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Qingdao Higrade 2020 fire drill

In order to further strengthen the fire safety education, improve the fire safety awareness of all staff and enhance the ability of fire prevention and self-rescue, on the afternoon of May 27, 2020, the company organized the activity of "fire evacuation drill and fire extinguishing equipment operation drill".

Before the drill, group manager zhao stressed the main purpose of the fire drill, and told about the fire cases in other factories, so that the employees realized the importance of fire safety and took lessons from it.



(speech by general manager zhao of the group)


The fire protection knowledge training was given by manager liu of the general affairs department and manager cui of the equipment department, mainly from the use of fire equipment, fire fighting methods and emergency rescue knowledge, etc., carried out a detailed explanation, which is highly practical and operable, and enriched the staff's fire protection knowledge.  



(manager liu explains fire protection knowledge)




(manager cui explains how to use the fire extinguisher)  

In order to put what they have learned into practice, after popularizing the use of fire extinguishers to employees, they carried out practical operation and mastered the use of fire extinguishers.




(employees use fire extinguishers) 

Under the organization of the company leaders, all the employees can carry out the drill in an orderly manner according to the instructions before the drill, and the expected effect of the drill has been achieved.  .



(fire escape drill for employees)


Through this drill, the company has further enhanced the staff's sense of responsibility for fire safety, for the future work and life, to provide more fire safety protection.

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